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We are an innovative company in production for electronic modules, systems, complete sets of products and services in the measuring and industrial electronics area. Designing printed circuit board according to the electric scheme and customer specification. Depending on the complexity and the requirements of your project, we select the appropriate software implementation, unless you have specific preference to certain software for designing printed circuit boards. We create products and services that meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations by implementing advanced equipment and technology, high professionalism and excellent system for quality management. Our company is responsible for hardware development of electronic devices, part of the process of design that includes: architectural design, performance design and verification. Over the years we have confronted different by difficulty projects and the decisions our team took has always been on a high level. Modern and accurate equipment is the basis for best results. We recognize our responsibility as a creative producer of electronics and focus our efforts and resources towards offering innovative technologies, while performing the common values of our employees and partners. We Devcomm want to create future that is exciting and promising for all.

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We strive to create lasting impressions by establishing a genuine relationship to aid in helping solve our clients both visually and interactively. Creativity. We make it personal. We work directly with you, providing personalized, unique solutions that cater to your area of business. We are committed to expanding our clients business capabilities while becoming a trusted partner for their future growth.